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Rabu, 25 Mei 2011

Complete torrent episode 1-20 CITY HUNTER Kdrama 2011 starring lee min ho

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Screenwriter : Hwang Eun Kyung
Producer : Jin Hyuk
Network: SBS
Air Date: 25 May 2011
Slot : Wednesday/Thursday
Site : Official

‘City Hunter’ is an original script based on the world-famous novel by Japan’s Tsukasa Hojo. Since it became public that Korea would be the first remake of this story into a drama, ‘City Hunter’ has been receiving worldwide attention.

‘City Hunter’ has switched the setting from Tokyo 1980 to Seoul 2011, and according to the original story structure, the protagonist becomes a city hunter and his character develops while resolving gratifying cases.
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* Lee Min Ho as Lee Yoon Sung
* Park Min Young as Kim Na Na
* Lee Jun Hyuk as Kim Young Joo
* Kim Sang Joon
* Lee Kwang Soo
* Goo Ha Ra
* Hwang Sun Hee as Jin Soo Hee
* Kim Mi Sook


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