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Kamis, 11 Agustus 2011

Scent of Woman or Season of Love EPISODE 07 AND EPISODE 08 [SPOILER]

Eun-Seok follows Yeon-Jae and ends up in sueno, and gets extremely nervous when he tries to hold onto Yeon-Jae's hand and tango. Veronica sees him and gives him a push towards Yeon-Jae, Eun-Seok feels very nervous about the fact that he is hugging Yeon-Jae..

Ji-wook,who was looking at Yeon-Jae practicing her steps alone at the empty sueno studio, approaches Yeon-jae and grabs both of her hands and places them up (as in, on his chest, presumably). Yeon-jae tries to withdraw her hands but Ji-wook does not let go, and forcefully pulls her toward him...

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