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Jumat, 18 Maret 2011

Free download K-Drama 49 Days

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suyi93 mengatakan...

thanks for the links!but there's no ep 11 torrent...only the sub's file.can u pls reupload ep 11 and 12 pls?tq!! :)

ulans_rooms mengatakan...

thank you for the notice m(_ _)m,, really appreciate it ^^,, I have updated the link ;)

suyi93 mengatakan...

u're welcome n thanks again for the links! =)

judy mengatakan...

hello ep 17 and 19 are said to be removed? please check please.thank you very much! :D

tinytot mengatakan...

hey ...... its cool that u put up all the links but could you check up with the 19th episode please ............. it is said to be removed could u please update it within 2 days cause im coming to the end of the story please please ......... :)

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