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Jumat, 11 Februari 2011

THE DUO/짝패 (2011) [ONGOING]

  • Airing Date : 7th February 2011 (if not delayed)
  • Station : MBC
  • Airing Time : Mon~Tue - 9:55 p.m KST
  • Episodes : 20
  • Genre : Saeguk Drama, Romance
  • Scriptwriter:김운경 Kim Woo Kyung
  • PD:임태우 Lim Tae Woo
  • Chun Jung Myung as Cheon Dong
  • Han Ji Hye as Sung Dong Nyeo
  • Lee Sang Yoon as Kim Gwi Dong
  • Seo Hyun Jin as Dal Yi

Cheon Dong (Chun Jung Myung) who is actually of noble birth was switched with the son of a slave (Lee Sang Yoon) who was also born on the same day. The drama will be focusing on the lives of the men who were switched at birth and the path they choose to walk on upon knowing their real identities and their encounters with the same woman (Han Ji Hye) that both of them are destined to fall in love with.

source IDWS

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