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Rabu, 16 Februari 2011


who da creator???

A shy boy aged 13 years and still sits in class 1 SMP Sekolah Alam Bandung named Muhammad Yahya Harlan SalingSapa introduce social networking sites with his father.Son of Jan Harlan, a graduate of Architecture ITB was a young child's first and youngest who create social networking site specifically Muslims in Indonesia. Since the age of 2 years, John is like a computer. In addition, he also likes going to the robot.Salingsapa.com is a site created on the basis of the Islamic obligation to stay in touch.

Many Hospitality lot of sustenance, and SalingSapa aims to help facilitate it. Excess SalingSapa is to have a variety of Islamic content, such as features of Al-Quran (in this feature we can be guided to read Al-Quran is good and right), features treasures (this feature includes the Islamic da'wah), and features radiosalingsapa (which contains the radio Islamic broadcasts.)

SalingSapa it does look like facebook, because that site was built to provide alternative media social network to the Muslims and the Moslem to use the facilities of friends / social network's own.

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