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Senin, 02 Mei 2011

preview episode 15 "49 Days"

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YK is in shock after she responds to MH;
just as she starts fumblingl not knowing what to do Dr.N walks in and helps her. As MH senses something weird about YK, he realizes that JH's soul could actually be inhabiting YK's body and goes into panic mode. On the other hand, YS tears up as he watches YK sob as she tells DR.N about her painful past with YS.

So it IS YK who answers MH...and it's not because she is clear about what is going on with JH, but more of a subconscious act. It's annoying that MH starts to suspect the truth, but it was bound to happen. I can't wait for the events that will unfold as more characters discover the truth, including YK herself. The one thing that worries me....as long as JH doesn't act like she is JH, her necklace won't break right? It will become more and more difficult for her to contain herself if people like MH and IJ find out, because they won't care about her well being like HK did. Hwaiting, JK!!


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