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Senin, 16 Mei 2011

preview episode 19 "49 Days"

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Written preview for episode 19:

Kang, upon hearing that Ji Hyun miraculously regained consciousness, rushes to her side. Because of the past awkwardness between them, Ji Hyun greets Kang and simply says that it’s been a long time since they’ve seen each other. Kang is disappointed to discover that Ji Hyun has no memory of the past 49 days.

On the other hand, his Scheduler term is almost complete, and Yi Soo wants to see Yi Kyung. Yi Kyung suddenly receives a strange letter that falls from above. The letter says “An invitation from Yi Soo”, giving Yi Kyung a major shock.

Hearing the news that JH has miraculously awaken, Kang heads to the hospital. However, when JH sees Kang, she treats him as before and says it has been a long time. Kang realizes that JH doesn't remember the 49 days and is disappointed...

On the other hand, the scheduler's duty nears the end and he heads out to meet YK. YK receives an envelop that falls from the sky and is surprised that it says, "Invitation from Song Yi Soo"...

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