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Selasa, 25 Januari 2011

Kim Tae-hee adopts a new look in My Princess

Let’s just hope this is just a temporary look for Kim Tae-hee, who goes for a short cut in My Princess. Trust the palace’s resident Bitch in Waiting, Yoon-ju (Park Ye-jin), to be the mastermind of the style change: She tells Seol that she needs to change her hair for a more “elegant” look.As the newly appointed director of the royal foundation, Yoon-ju is put in charge of preparing Princess Seol for her introduction to the media (although she snidely told her last episode that she’d better enjoy it before she’s inevitably kicked out on her butt), and is now guiding her as they prep for the upcoming official press conference. It figures Yoon-ju would assume she has the last word on elegance, though I wouldn’t have thought she’d want to go about turning her rival into a Mini-Me.

Seol apparently wears a wig in the scene, so I’m hoping this brief lapse in style will soon blow over. According to a member of the production team, we can expect Seol to put up her first signs of rebellion against Yoon-ju, who’s starting to reveal her true colors; we’ll soon be seeing the ladies clash in a battle of wills.

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