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Sabtu, 22 Januari 2011

Myths and Rumors About Drinking Cold or Ice Water With Meals

It can be difficult enough to stay hydrated without worrying over the possibly harmful effects of drinking water.

Here are some common rumors about water.Enjoying a glass of cold or ice water with or after a meal is fairly common in many societies. Theories abound as to how ice water can affect people, particularly after eating. Here are some of the rumours around and actual effects of ice water on digestion.Ice Water Causes Heart Attacks and Cancer,There is an emailed rumor that started in 2006, which claimed that drinking ice water after a meal would solidify the fats from the partially digested meal, and cause them to react with the acids of the stomach, leading them to line the digestive tract. This lining of fat would eventually lead to cancer, or might contribute to the unlucky person having a heart attack. This is, however, an urban legend. By the time food enters the digestive tract, it has been warmed by the body, and is already broken down and thoroughly mixed by the stomach. It would not separate out to line the tract with fat, and there have been no studies that link fat to cancer in this way, although consuming too much fat over a long period of time can increase the chances of heart attack by raising cholesterol levels.

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