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Selasa, 18 Januari 2011

UNDIP Career EXPO 2011

Success only word that can be spoken for the Job Fair, every year is always crowded with visitors. Proving Job Fair organized by UNDIP and JobStreet.com is the best. Unlike similar Job Fair held at the Semarang, which UNDIP Career Expo Job Fair is a pioneer in the area of Semarang. The key is to maintain the quality in terms of present members as well as from the participating companies as well as with thousands of job vacancies available. Located in the auditorium of the Imam Barjo Diponegoro University on 27-29 January 2011 we will start the event this Job Fair. Opened to the public and use the hard copy for each vacancy Apply available. We await the arrival of you at the event CAREER EXPO UNDIP 27 to 29 January 2011. Yet it is desirable for non-members JobStreet.com for registering your CV and resume in www.jobstreet.co.id, to obtain information about the world of work and job information every day.

credit to www.jobstreet.co.id

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