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Rabu, 27 April 2011

preview episode 14 "49 Days"

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Episode 14 summary:

Ji Hyun finds a picture of Yi Soo in Yi Kyung's yearbook and is surprised to see that he looks exactly the same as Scheduler. Ji Hyun immediately takes the picture and shows it to Scheduler and he finds out from her that when he was alive he was in an intimate relationship with Yi Kyung. Scheduler feels doubtful (?) in regards to how he lived his previous life and he angrily tells Ji Hyun that it absolutely can't be (more like how it doesn't make sense).

On the other hand, In Jung discovers the truth about Yi Kyung and Ji Hyun's "friend" Park and she plans to test things by setting up a meeting with Yi Kyung. Jiang (Kang?) finds letter from Ji Hyun, that she left behind, where she requests for the will to be annulled.

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