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Sabtu, 02 April 2011

“49 Days” : Scheduler’s story


In Episode 6 of “49 Days” (broadcast on March 31), the Scheduler (JIW) reveals certain things about his past. He tells Ji-Hyun (NGR) his story when he was still alive.

JH is feeling sad at being betrayed by her fiance and her best friend, and the Scheduler tells her that “pain is a lesson she must learn during these 49 days” and “human beings are such complicated creatures.”

He continues: “According to the death plan, those people who don’t have to attend their own funerals are truly blessed. Compared to me, you are really lucky because you still have the chance to live again. Even though I don’t remember what it is, I could feel I died before I had the chance to do something very urgent. That’s why I volunteered to be a Scheduler so I could finish what I left unfinished before.”

These words are very important because they overlap with certain things about Yi-Kyung’s (LYW) as yet unrevealed past. The Scheduler’s tenure is for 5 years, and YK’s breakdown also happened 5 years earlier — same time frame.

In Episode 1 YK tries to commit suicide at the scene of her dead lover’s accident. She seems to have given up on life 5 years ago when he died.

Every time the Scheduler goes to YK’s home, he feels uneasy. He says: “Don’t know why, but just don’t feel like going in.” and “Something seems wrong.” If the Scheduler really turns out to be YK’s former boyfriend, then the story has taken a twist and viewers will be so curious.

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