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Senin, 11 April 2011

synopsis “49 Days” –Episode 9

Episode 9 written preview:

Seeing Yi Kyung in the house of his friend's fiance after firing her from his shop and telling her not to show up anymore, Kang throws into a rage. at HK's birthday party at his shop, IJ... meeting YK at MH's house is a secret? (not sure?)
what the relationship between YK and MH is.
meanwhile, JH's dad decides to write a will passing on the company to MH in the future!
Han Kang cannot stand the thought of Ji Kyung working at the residence of his friend’s fiancée, and he asks again that Ji Kyung come back to work at the restaurant. Ji Kyung sees Kang’s behavior, and she suddenly can feel the tender emotion he has developed for her. In Jung has come to Kang’s restaurant for his birthday party. She asks that her visit to Min Ho’s apartment, and running into Ji Kyung there, be kept a secret. But Ji Kyung reveals that In Jung is dating Min Ho. On the otherhand, in front of Min Ho, Ji Hyun’s dad decides to write down a will regarding the succession of the company.


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