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Kamis, 24 Maret 2011

“49 Days” : Episode 4 – ratings


“49 Days” records its highest ratings

According to ratings research company AGB Neilson Media Research, Episode 4 of “49 Days” (aired March 24) achieved a nationwide ratings of 10.3%, a rise of 1.3% over Episode 3, the first time it has reached double digits.

Meanwhile, the other two dramas broadcast in the same time slot recorded the following ratings: “Royal Family” (MBC) – 14.9% and “Thorn Birds” (KBS) – 10.2%.

In Episode 4 BSB searches for the seal in NGR’s room, NGR discovers BSB and SJH have been plotting for 2 years and even her accidental first meeting with BSB is orchestrated, and JHJ is getting more vibes from LYW (with NGR in her) that she’s someone he used to know …..

Credit: http://news.nate.com; www.johyunjae.hk; http://hyunjaelove.jp.http://jo-hyun-jae.com/

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