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Sabtu, 19 Maret 2011

“49 Days” : Open forum


Two episodes of “49 Days” have been aired so far. We’re sure you’ve watched them on our blog or elsewhere.

What do you think? Anything you want to praise or gripe about? Please leave comments below.

Personal attacks on other actors are out-of-bounds. We are only interested in their acting in “49 Days”.

For convenience we’ll use the following abbreviations:

49D (”49 Days”), JYG (Director Jo Young-Gwang), SHK (Scriptwriter So Hyun-Kyung)
JHJ (as Han Kang), LYW (as Song Yi-Kyung), BSB (as Kang Min-Ho), NGR (as Shin Ji-Hyun), JIW (as the Scheduler), SJH (as Shin In-Jung).

Let us start the ball rolling with one pet peeve:

Who eats spaghetti with chopsticks? NGR! In Ep.1 when we see her doing that at JHJ’s winebar, we find that ludicrous. But then who knows? maybe Koreans eat spaghetti with chopsticks. Then in Ep.2 we see LYW also eating spaghetti with chopsticks, again at JHJ’s winebar. Doesn’t the winebar have knives and forks? How strange, considering it looks thoroughly Western. So we watch Ep.1 again, and we see the table laid with knives and forks. Then we realize that must be one of the clues that will lead JHJ to discover that NGR is actually in LYW’s body. Why doesn’t the director spend 3 seconds to explain that it is NGR’s whim to eat spaghetti with chopsticks? All he has to do is let NGR ask for chopsticks, even though there are forks on the table. This is OVERSIGHT of the first order on the part of the director and the scriptwriter. We run a JHJ website, so we know everything about 49D. But how could they expect an ordinary viewer to guess or remember something like this? Unforgivable! There are several close-ups of NGR’s mannerisms with her fingers, also LYW (with NGR in her). But this spaghetti and chopsticks thing should really receive some focus. Is the director JYG too overwhelmed to pay attention to little details like this? This is his directorial debut; shouldn’t he have done all his homework? Storyboard and all that? We’re disappointed – and apprehensive of how he will handle the rest of the drama. He’d better not mess up JHJ’s come-back project!

This open forum will be updated everyday, i.e. we will carry it forward, so you can leave comments anytime and also read others’ comments. So start praising or griping now!

Feel free to write in Chinese (we can translate.) As for other languages, we’ll try.

(Credit: “49 Days” poster from SBS.co.kr. Thanks!)

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