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Senin, 21 Maret 2011

“49 Days” : OST 3


2011.03.21 TV Daily

Jung Yeob (JY) is singing one of the songs – “Absolutely Nothing” [our translation] – for SBS’s new drama “49 Days” and is attracting a lot of attention.

JY’s song appears in Episode 2 of “49 Days”. Han Kang (JHJ) sees his beloved Ji-Hyun (NGR) in a vegetative state on the hospital bed and his eyes fill with tears. The song starts playing at this moment. JHJ’s tears coupled with JY’s voice make viewers shed tears too.

“Absolutely Nothing” is a collaboration between Eco Bridge and JY under the name of Honeydew’o. JY’s big hit “Nothing Better” and other songs are also from Honeydew’o. Comments from Production: “‘Absolutely Nothing’ describes one’s lover departing and one feeling frightened and panicky. It expresses fear and frustration at the inability to change reality. The different musical instruments together create a beautiful melody that portrays this feeling at separation.”

From the “Absolutely Nothing” video one can feel the creator’s inspiration and energy from its melody and lyrics. JY’s voice is very moving and soothing. “Absolutely Nothing” will be released on March 23.

Credit: http://koreastardaily.com; http://blog.naver.com; www.johyunjae.hk.http://jo-hyun-jae.com/

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