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Selasa, 29 Maret 2011

JIW {Jung Il-Woo} on 49Day's OST


Jung Il-Woo singing one of the songs on the “49 Days” OST has attracted a lot of attention.

In the SBS drama “49 Days”, JIW who plays the Scheduler has contributed one of the tracks on the OST. This is the first time JIW has displayed his singing ability since the launch of his acting career. His song is titled “Scarecrow” and depicts one’s sorrow at watching helplessly one’s beloved. The poetic lyrics and JIW’s feelings combine to create an aura of fantasy and warmth.

In order to sing this song, JIW took a few weeks off from his busy schedule to receive singing lessons and to make himself available at all times which shows the importance he attaches to the OST. Kim Won who writes and produces the song says: “During the first recording session, JIW’s performance was not too good which had me very worried. But he tried very hard and his resolve was strong, so he improved tremendously. Moreover, he’s an actor so he very easily fell into the mood of the song and managed to convey its emotions.”

After the recording JIW also participated in the editing with the production crew, which showed his enthusiasm. As a matter of fact, JIW also displayed his singing ability in the 2009 KBS drama “Take care of the young lady”, but there he only sang part of a song. Recording of JIW’s song is complete, and on March 31 he will sing this song, accompanied by playing the guitar. This song will be played every time the Scheduler appears, so viewers will be hearing it a lot.

Credit: http://www.koreastardaily.com; www.johyunjae.hk.http://jo-hyun-jae.com/

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